Supporting Vulnerable Adults in the Community
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Here are some of our indoor activities

Our Creative Music sessions continue to thrive and be very popular. The group's singing abilities and rythm have much improved since the start of the sessions and our tutor has now included movement to music and song.


members at  the music session

This is a picture of the participants of our music group at the end of a session. You can see our tutor - Ursula - kneeling on the left.

The sessions are run once a month on Fridays (see Monthly activities link above for dates)

In the Millrace centre we have up to five pc's which are available most days (see calendar) Customers love U Tube, playing games and completing jigsaws. They also like to use the Internet for information about their interests.



Craft sessions take on a regular basis producing items based on a theme. Recently the group has produced hats for the Easter Disco when their efforts will be judged and a prize given for the best.

Here are some of the members wearing their hats prior to the Disco.

The Mill Race runs regular sessions on "Using Money". These sessions aim to help people learn the best use of the coins in their purse/wallet therefore giving them more confidence when shopping. The sessions also help people understand the value of what they are purchasing and whether they can afford it. Members are given a short test and this picture shows Ryan receiving his certificate showing 5 stars. WELL DONE RYAN!!

Cookery Sessions are also on our agenda. On the left Verity, Lucas and Jonathan are making scones. and on the right is Shane with his final result. THEY LOOK YUMMY!!

The Wii Club continues to run regularly but snooker has become a favourite among some members recently. Here are Phillip, Lucas and Thomas enjoying a game of snooker.



A book club takes place on a regular basis .Members have the opportunity to read a book together and discuss it.If the book has been made into a film members watch the DVD on a cinema day and then talk about how the film compares with the book.

the book club in action

Above are some of our indoor activities.